A street side slope is on public view, it should make a favorable impression. But good looks alone aren’t enough if the property slopes to any significant degree – any technical concerns, like erosion control, must also be satisfied. There are many ways to beautify a slope and protect it from slipping – either rock gardens or planting terraces.

A backyard landscape is usually more personal than a street side one, especially if the yard is concealed from public view. Even if somewhat exposed, the backyard is traditionally the domain of the homeowners, who can fill it with plants or string up hammocks as they see fit. Whatever you want for your back slope, remember to satisfy any requirements for drainage and erosion control.

Some constructed features are perfect additions to hillsides. They may be necessary elements, like steps and retaining walls on a steep slope, or nonessential but “gotta have” features, such as decks and waterfalls that highlight a site’s sloping terrain. Other items, like fences, are simply more challenging to build on slopes than on the level ground. With still others, such as paths and patios, the goal is to suitable flattish or easily leveled land on which to construct them.

terrace, slopes
Slope and terraces

Safety – always important when working on a slope. As a landscape designer Los Angeles and as professionals , Garden Design recommends working with prudence.