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29 Jun 2016

Slopes – Front slopes and Back slopes

A street side slope is on public view, it should make a favorable impression. But good looks alone aren’t enough if the property slopes to any significant degree – any technical concerns, like erosion control, must also be satisfied. There are many ways to beautify a slope and protect it from slipping – either rock gardens or planting terraces.


15 May 2016

Containers and containers

Overall Garden Design is important, but it is individual features that make a garden special.
Major structural decisions, such as the type of paving to use, the shape of the lawn, or how to define the boundaries, have a significant impact. But even small details like ornaments and garden lights can lift a small garden above the ordinary.


25 Apr 2016

Professional landscapers Los Angeles

Landscape and gardens are a vital part of having the “perfect” ambiance for your “perfect” home. Garden Design Landscape and their designers actually complete the look of a house. That’s why you shouldn’t just let small-time landscapers handle your landscaping ideas and needs. When you live in places such as Los Angeles and South Bay – California, you might want to consider professionals.
Because of the downturn in the economy, there are many start-up landscaping companies with little or no experience or training. While the prices quoted by these “landscape


11 Jul 2015

Vegetable garden and herbs

In a big garden there is room for a dedicated area for vegetables and herbs. However, in a small space, it can make a lot of sense to plant vegetables in the borders or proper small planters.

Many vegetables are extremely attractive and they should mix in with an eye to their characteristics, like any other plant.


21 Jun 2015


Gardens, like most other things, d’ont just happen, they need paying for, so a budget  is something to consider from the beginning.

When moving to a new home the house usually, and quite understandably, is the priority. In turn this often means that available budgets get swallowed up in various changes and improvements. So, you should put sum aside.


18 Jun 2015

From A Simple Green Cover To A Landscape Design in Los Angeles

I finally managed to buy my own home. A beautiful two story house with a lavish garden, it had everything that I ever wanted. Being a nature’s lover, I wanted only the best design for my yard but had no clues regarding what to do with the green patch! It was then that a friend of mine gave me the number of Garden Design Landscape, the best professional landscapers Los Angeles has.


17 Jun 2015

Type of plants – Garden style

As a professional landscape designer Los Angeles, the design of the garden may well dictate the species you plant and their arrangement. A formal composition may call for clipped hedges, carefully balanced trees and beds of particular species. An asymmetric garden may suggest sweeps of planting to provide rhythm and movement to lead your eye from place to place; while the creation of a minimalist design needs thoughtful positioning of architectural species to add counterpoint and drama in a just few carefully chosen locations. The garden style will reflect you own personality, will in turn drive the character of planting.