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11 Jan 2018

Creative Garden Design Enhances Liveliness of Your Home

There are several factors that stood fundamental when it comes to increasing the liveliness and value of your sweet home. Architectural design, Interior Decor, appealing arrangement of various home accessories, the list goes on and on.

But, don’t you think, you miss the important part of your sweet home that creates first and the foremost impression on your visitors?

What it is???

It’s your garden- The area surrounding your sweet home, which plays an important role of filling your life with immense positivism. Hence, garden creation with unique and enchanting designs should be focused along with several other aspects of home decorating. The garden designs with interesting plant arrangements fairly complement your house and provide it an eye-pleasing beauty. The blend of various garden decor accessories and vibrant color combination of flowers provide a splendid front yard view, isn’t it???

Graceful and beautiful plant species lets you have an incredible outdoor atmosphere. Are you finding yourself clueless in doing so? Don’t worry, as there is a best landscape contractor in Los Angeles who will assist you in designing an unforgettable garden space. So, be ready to relish indefinable gardening experience, which comprises of exquisite adventure with the Malibu landscaping.

Garden Design

Garden Design and Landscapes, the landscape designer in Los Angeles helps you to uniquely reflect your homes and lifestyles.

The fresh outdoors provides you great comfort and balance, and this is why it is so important to take time in designing your outdoor spaces. You should have a discussion with Garden Design’s professional landscapers in Los Angeles for selecting the plant species that fit with the surrounding environment. Their deep study and years of experience help you architect a thriving and rightful garden.

You all will agree that creativity plays an important role while designing your garden. Hence, only the best landscape designer Los Angeles has can help to decorate your garden creatively.
So, make your life more satisfying by spending time playing with your kids, cheat-chatting with other family members, reading, or just relaxing in the excellent outdoors!!!

09 Jan 2018

How to Maximize a Small Outdoor Space

While a large property certainly has its advantages, even a small outdoor space can really enhance your lifestyle and your home. The key is to make the most of whatever type of space you have, including small areas that at first glance don’t seem like they’ll have the expanse you’re looking for.
There are many ways you can maximize a small outdoor space, both visually and functionally. So, no matter how small your yard or patio, you can still turn it into the functional oasis you’re dreaming about.

Set a Goal
While a large property can have several different zones and uses, a smaller outdoor space needs to be focused in its design to make the most of every inch. So, before you start designing, take the time to determine exactly how you want to use the space, and what you want to get out of it.
Yards and patios can have many different uses, from entertaining to gardening. A space set up for guests to relax is going to look very different than one that contains a vegetable garden, so start your landscaping off by deciding the most important goals you have for the area, then work on seeing them through.

Create Visual Space
Even small areas can seem larger than they really are with some very specific visual tricks that will fool the eye into seeing more than is really there. Begin by decluttering the area. An overgrown yard or wild landscaping will only disguise how much space you have, which means that you may not end up utilizing it all.
Once you’ve removed things like rocks, trees, and shrubs from the space, think about creating some smooth, clean lines that can draw the eye. This can be done through patio pavers, lush grass, or a wood deck space level with the yard. The idea is to create a long, unbroken plane to maximize the amount of visual area you have.
Next, include some cooler colors in the edges of your outdoor space. Cool colors recede visually when viewed, which makes spaces look larger than they are. So, keep the color tones cool throughout the area, including your furniture, plant or flower colors, and even the stain or color of your wood deck or patio.

Direct Traffic
A walkway can help you make better use of the space as a whole as well. Walkways direct people where to go, which in turn gives the impression that there is more area than there really is to cover. It also means that you can help separate your outdoor area into more than one function.
For example, if you have an entertaining patio, consider creating a walkway down toward the patio so that it passes ornamental softscaping. You can use the area surrounding the walkway for other purposes as well such as additional seating or conversation areas, lighting, or strategic gardening.

Use Every Inch
Many people end up separating their outdoor living spaces slightly from the house or building. They do this by creating a small border around the house with mulch, plants, gravel, or pavers. This isn’t necessary, however, and can subtract valuable inches from the rest of the yard or usable space.
Consider extending your wood deck space right up to the house, for example. Or using the space right up against the house for gardening. Remember your original goal for how you want to use the yard, and make sure that you use this area right up against the house for the same purpose, and don’t simply close it off with space fillers.

Scale Your Items
It’s possible to fit a lot of color, form, and function into a small space – even to include multiple uses for a small yard or deck. The key is to pay attention to the scale of the items you place there.
For example, large urns containing greenery might make a stunning statement on either side of your patio doors, but they take up valuable room that could be used for seating. Scale down and select taller, narrower plants instead for the same area.
The same goes for furnishings, the size or width of a walkway, and even the types of plants and bushes you use. Look for plants that don’t need a lot of room to grow, or that don’t grow very large, as well as for furnishings that can have multiple functions, such as bench seats that can also be used for storage if needed.

Make the Most of Your Space
A small space doesn’t have to mean an unused space. There are many ways you can include color, form, and function to your deck or yard no matter how small. Keep yourself focused on what you want in the area, maximize visual space, and pay attention to the size of the materials and items you use to get the perfect fit for your property.

29 Jun 2016

Slopes – Front slopes and Back slopes

A street side slope is on public view, it should make a favorable impression. But good looks alone aren’t enough if the property slopes to any significant degree – any technical concerns, like erosion control, must also be satisfied. There are many ways to beautify a slope and protect it from slipping – either rock gardens or planting terraces.


15 May 2016
Garden Design in Los Angeles

Containers and containers

Overall Garden Design is important, but it is individual features that make a garden special.
Major structural decisions, such as the type of paving to use, the shape of the lawn, or how to define the boundaries, have a significant impact. But even small details like ornaments and garden lights can lift a small garden above the ordinary.


25 Apr 2016

Professional landscapers Los Angeles

Landscape and gardens are a vital part of having the “perfect” ambiance for your “perfect” home. Garden Design Landscape and their designers actually complete the look of a house. That’s why you shouldn’t just let small-time landscapers handle your landscaping ideas and needs. When you live in places such as Los Angeles and South Bay – California, you might want to consider professionals.
Because of the downturn in the economy, there are many start-up landscaping companies with little or no experience or training. While the prices quoted by these “landscape


11 Jul 2015

Vegetable garden and herbs

In a big garden there is room for a dedicated area for vegetables and herbs. However, in a small space, it can make a lot of sense to plant vegetables in the borders or proper small planters.

Many vegetables are extremely attractive and they should mix in with an eye to their characteristics, like any other plant.


21 Jun 2015


Gardens, like most other things, d’ont just happen, they need paying for, so a budget  is something to consider from the beginning.

When moving to a new home the house usually, and quite understandably, is the priority. In turn this often means that available budgets get swallowed up in various changes and improvements. So, you should put sum aside.