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Slopes – Front slopes and Back slopes

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A street side slope is on public view, it should make a favorable impression. But good looks alone aren’t enough if the property slopes to any significant degree – any technical concerns, like erosion control, must also be satisfied. There are many ways to beautify a slope and protect it from slipping – either rock gardens or planting terraces.

A backyard landscape is usually more personal than a street side one, especially if the yard is concealed from public view. Even if somewhat exposed, the backyard is traditionally the domain of the homeowners, who can fill it with plants or string up hammocks as they see fit. Whatever you want for your back slope, remember to satisfy any requirements for drainage and erosion control.

Some constructed features are perfect additions to hillsides. They may be necessary elements, like steps and retaining walls on a steep slope, or nonessential but “gotta have” features, such as decks and waterfalls that highlight a site’s sloping terrain. Other items, like fences, are simply more challenging to build on slopes than on the level ground. With still others, such as paths and patios, the goal is to suitable flattish or easily leveled land on which to construct them.

terrace, slopes

Slope and terraces

Safety – always important when working on a slope. As a landscape designer Los Angeles and as professionals , Garden Design recommends working with prudence.

Containers and containers

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Overall Garden Design is important, but it is individual features that make a garden special.
Major structural decisions, such as the type of paving to use, the shape of the lawn, or how to define the boundaries, have a significant impact. But even small details like ornaments and garden lights can lift a small garden above the ordinary.
The use of containers is especially important in a small garden – on a tiny balcony they may be the garden. Use them imaginatively, choosing containers that are decorative, and grouping them for added interest.


They are especially useful in a small garden because they bring life and color, or just subtle shades of green, to corners that might otherwise remain bare. By hanging interesting or colorful containers on bleak walls, by using them alongside the steps to a basement garden, or simply using tubs by the front door, containers make the most of all the available space.
There are so many options of containers in the market. But you can also be creative and use kitchen utensils such as pots and pans as containers…
Garden Design, landscape designer Los Angeles, will suggest to customers to add containers to the project – adding color and beauty is always a plus.


Outdoor kitchens and outdoor living

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In Southern California outdoor kitchens are very popular, since the outdoor living is a reality all year. So investing more in the outdoor dining makes good sense because cooking and eating outdoors is just plain FUN.

The first decision Garden Design makes is whether to place the kitchen against the house or some distance away in the yard.

An outdoor kitchen that is near or attached to the house may borrow overhead protection from the house.
Installation is much easier if you can simply run electrical and plumbing lines through a shared wall.

An outdoor kitchen located away from the house can be an enchanting retreat. However, installing electrical and plumbing lines may be difficult.

An overhead structure is an integral part of most outdoor kitchen designs.
An overhead can often be built later, after the kitchen is finished and you know just where you need shade.
But, of course it is usually easier to create the structure from the beginning – st the posts and basic framing while the kitchen is being built.

Once you have determined the types of cooking you want to do outdoors, consider the maximum number of people you will cook for on any given occasion. Garden Design, as a landscape designer Los Angeles, will guide you (design and plan), making sure that your cooking center can handle the quantity of food and the required preparation, and that your entertaining area can comfortably accommodate your guests.

Outdoor kitchens; outdoor living

Outdoor kitchen

Homeowners have long appreciated the benefits of cooking, dining, and entertaining outdoors.
With fresh air and the sounds of nature, people find life’s stresses tend to melt away and the prospect of good food becomes the only concern.

Professional landscapers Los Angeles

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Landscape and gardens are a vital part of having the “perfect” ambiance for your “perfect” home. Garden Design Landscape and their designers actually complete the look of a house. That’s why you shouldn’t just let small-time landscapers handle your landscaping ideas and needs. When you live in places such as Los Angeles and South Bay – California, you might want to consider professionals.
Because of the downturn in the economy, there are many start-up landscaping companies with little or no experience or training. While the prices quoted by these “landscape

professional landscapers los angeles

English style – boxwood and other plants

contractors” might be appealing the end result may be very costly to you the home owner. While a professional quality project is pleasing to the eye, it is also an investment that adds value to the property.

Generally speaking, here are the top 4 reasons why residents should get experienced designers to take care of your landscape and garden needs.

1. Professional landscapers  analyze your property:

Since professional contractors have vast experiences in landscaping and gardening, they will be able to study your property very carefully and can maximize the space that you have. They will instantly know what will work best in a given property mostly because of their past projects. Professional landscapers will not rely on mere gut feel and will have a pretty good basis on the design for your landscape area. They will be able to come up with almost scientific landscape solutions for your outdoor space.

2. Professional designers have artistic eyes:

Knowledgeable people only hire professional landscapers because of their ability to be artistic and creative. After they analyze your lawn and surroundings, they will come up with a landscaping design that is best suited for your home. Professional landscapers also give your outdoor area a polished and well-coordinated ambiance based on your personality and taste. They will also make sure that the design they will come up with will bring out the beauty of your home from the outside.

3. Professional landscapers work within your budget:

Coming up with a budget plan for your landscape home design could be one of the biggest challenges landscapers will face. Small-time landscapers will normally underestimate the amount of materials needed or price it too low. Then, when they discover that they aren’t going to make any money, they abandon the project or try to charge you more money. Thus, the home owners are not able to complete the project on budget for the landscape design and installation fees. Professional landscapers, on the other hand, will ask for your budget and will work around your cost. They will give advice if your budget can execute the initial design, or they will work around with whatever allotted budget you have and provide alternative landscaping solutions. Landscaping Los Angeles companies can offer scenic landscape ideas and needs at a very affordable landscaping price.

4. Professional designers rarely make mistakes:

Since professional landscapers understand the ins and outs of landscaping design, when a final design has been approved by their client, they would usually follow it to the smallest detail. It is the professionalism of the landscapers and the landscaping companies that bring them fame and a good reputation. Avoiding mistakes will save their clients’ time and money, and professional landscapers want to finish a job successfully as word of mouth is the best marketing strategy for their type of business.

So if you have a Landscaping need, consider very carefully getting professional landscape services and instead of falling for the lure of a low cost project. The landscape project will turn out better and cheaper in the long run.

Trees and landscaping

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The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.

trees and landscaping

Trees and landscaping

Trees create an ecosystem to provide habitat and food for birds and other animals.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and potentially harmful gasses, such as sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, from the air and release oxygen. One large tree can supply a day’s supply of oxygen for four people. They absorb odors and pollutant gases (nitrogen oxides, ammonia, sulfur dioxide and ozone) and filter particulates out of the air by trapping them on their leaves and bark.

Average temperatures in Los Angeles have risen 6°F in the last 50 years as tree coverage has declined and the number of heat-absorbing roads and buildings has increased.
Trees cool the city by up to 10°F, by shading our homes and streets, breaking up urban “heat islands” and releasing water vapor into the air through their leaves.

A tree is a natural air conditioner. The evaporation from a single tree can produce the cooling effect of ten room-size, residential air conditioners operating 20 hours a day.

Garden Design, as a Landscape Designer Los Angeles, we install and preserve the trees – add beauty and value to your home, provide essential food and shelter for wildlife, and help reduce carbon in the atmosphere in one simple step: planting a tree.

Vegetable garden and herbs

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In a big garden there is room for a dedicated area for vegetables and herbs. However, in a small space, it can make a lot of sense to plant vegetables in the borders or proper small planters.

Many vegetables are extremely attractive and they should mix in with an eye to their characteristics, like any other plant.

Herbs are almost obligatory in any garden, not only are they fragrant and good looking but they are essential for cooking. Fresh herbs taste better than something from the market and can be cut at the moment’s notice. Many of the herbs are Mediterranean and can grow very well in Southern California.

Humans have used herbs for thousands of years to flavor and preserve food, add fragrance to a home and heal sickness. During Medieval times, people scattered lavender in their homes because they believed it would ward off diseases, such as the plague. Turns out, lavender does have some anti-microbial properties. Chamomile has long been used as to calm troubled nerves or bring sleep. Herbs were also used as dyes.

You want herbs for your garden that look good, and taste good, and have extra medicinal benefits — but what about smell? Herbal fragrances have enriched perfumes, cosmetics and comestibles for centuries, and choosing herbs that smell swell has unexpected benefits.  The right herb fragrances can attract bees — or repel insects. They can enhance a garden’s ambiance by making it feel welcoming, exotic, delicious or just unique. Some can have calming or soothing characteristics, while others are known to invigorate.

Garden Design & Landscapes as a Landscape Designer Los Angeles suggests  a list of herbs to consider in your garden in Southern California:

– Mint

– Lime

– Rosemary

– Lavender

– Basil

– Parsley

Garden Design & Landscapes can create, in your yard, a space for a vegetable and herb garden. You will love it…

Vegetable garden and herbs

Herb garden – proper planter/drip system

Creative and Beautiful by Landscaping in Los Angeles

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What makes your house look more beautiful is its exterior rather than the interior, they say.

Isn’t it correct? Since, the exterior of your home is what the visitor encounters first and then it is the interior that he comes across.

That’s why, we think about a beautiful garden to enrich the beauty of our home. Growing plants is a marvelous idea for enhancing beauty of a courtyard, subsequently, of a house. Gardening is the art of arranging or modifying the features of surrounding landscape. A pleasant outdoor definitely plays a great role to refresh your mind and also creates enthusiastic surroundings. This is why we have given immense importance to designing unique and creative landscape. For creating refreshing and enthusiastic surroundings, just a lucrative arrangement of the plants does the half work. Since, this makes the garden more pleasant and happening.

Creating harmony between the man-made and natural elements is the ultimate aim behind gardening. So, a good landscape design plays an important role in creating ravishing home outdoors. Hence, for sparkling ideas for landscape design in Pasadena or in Los Angeles, visit the Garden Designs & Landscapes. It will help you have the exact garden design you are thinking for, as it possesses substantial experience in creating a perfect outdoor. The landscape designer makes your entire property look good. So, for appealing outdoor surroundings take assistance of landscaping by Garden Design & Landscapes.

For an initial discussion, the designer visits your home or business, to know what your outdoor landscaping desires and wishes are. After analyzing your surroundings, the designer gives you a suitable gardening plan, as per the requirement of surrounding area. Then our professional landscapers concentrate on landscaping requirements such as proper irrigation system and lighting.

So if you need a perfect residential landscape design Los Angeles, consider Garden Designs & Landscapes – one of the efficient landscape companies in Los Angeles. The beautiful landscape designing Los Angeles through Garden Designs & Landscapes will turn out to be the better and cheaper idea for creating enthusiastic surroundings for your sweet home.


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Gardens, like most other things, d’ont just happen, they need paying for, so a budget  is something to consider from the beginning.

When moving to a new home the house usually, and quite understandably, is the priority. In turn this often means that available budgets get swallowed up in various changes and improvements. So, you should put sum aside.

Many people underestimate the cost of installing a new garden and, while this need not to be horrendous, you should be realist about your budget.

Naturally a small yard is limited in space but, on the other hand, it will probably rely more heavily on the hardscape elements, like walls, patios, etc. Since hardscape elements usually takes a high portion of a budget.

Garden Design, as a landscape design Los Angeles and also a landscape contractor Los Angeles advises our costumers to refining your wish list. The list goes on and it does not matter in the slightest if it gets too long at this stage. We can always thin it down later, advising you the most important priorities.

landscape contractor los angeles

Budgets – hardscape and softscape

At the end of the day it all comes down to priorities. How important is your garden or yard to you? I would say that it is equally as important as your lounge or dinning room or perhaps even the kitchen.

From A Simple Green Cover To A Landscape Design in Los Angeles

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Landscape Design Los Angeles

Landscape Design Los Angeles


I finally managed to buy my own home. A beautiful two story house with a lavish garden, it had everything that I ever wanted. Being a nature’s lover, I wanted only the best design for my yard but had no clues regarding what to do with the green patch! It was then that a friend of mine gave me the number of Garden Design Landscape, the best professional landscapers Los Angeles has. Since, dealing with my likes-&-dislikes is not my cup of tea; so, it has to be someone who is an expert landscaper in Los Angeles.The process was very simple. The company has a simple policy of dividing the procedure into four steps: Consultation, Design, Pricing and Installation. This was a pleasant change, since my previous experience with other landscape contractor Los Angeles was a torture. Their endless questions and harassment regarding increasing the budget, not so good residential landscape design in Los Angeles, was a total discouragement. This is the reason why Garden Design Landscape proved to be the best choiceIts team, which has good experience of creating beautiful landscape design in Pasadena, landscape in Pacific Palisades, etc., came up with few selected questions that would be the basis for the main design. The questions revolved around whether I want any hardscape landscaping like a pergola or maybe a barbeque and a water feature. After fully understanding my requirement and the plants that I wanted, we finally discussed regarding the required irrigation system and lighting to complete the picture. Then came the most important part, budget! Though I was worried that my choice is going to result into a lot of expenditure, the team of Garden Design didn’t even try to convince me to stretch my pocket limit.In their next visit, they came up with a design that seriously was the drawing format of every thought I had regarding my yard. This was really impressive! After I gave my inputs and the final design was made, pricing and installation was a small task. Though convincing me to spend money is a difficult task, I must say, Garden Design & Landscape, a perfect landscape contractor Los Angeles has, convinced me within minutes after their final presentation. And they made me have the most striking landscape design around Los Angeles.Did I regret choosing Garden Design? Not at all! My beautiful garden and the compliments that I have been receiving are proof that my decision was the right one. Garden Design is indeed the best Landscape Contractor Los Angeles has!

Type of plants – Garden style

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As a professional landscape designer Los Angeles, the design of the garden may well dictate the species you plant and their arrangement. A formal composition may call for clipped hedges, carefully balanced trees and beds of particular species. An asymmetric garden may suggest sweeps of planting to provide rhythm and movement to lead your eye from place to place; while the creation of a minimalist design needs thoughtful positioning of architectural species to add counterpoint and drama in a just few carefully chosen locations. The garden style will reflect you own personality, will in turn drive the character of planting.

In the smallest of gardens planting space can be limited, meaning your choices need to be carefully thought out in order to achieve the best effect.

Where walls are dominant, climbers play an important role in softening the garden and cocooning you within a less harsh environment.

Fragrance may be essential and so, too, will be the interplay of shapes, forms and textures that are such an important element in the creation of a successful scheme.Plants appeal to all senses.

Many people forget that even in the smallest spaces it is possible to marry practicality to decoration. There is absolutely no reason why you should not be able to grow vegetables and fruit in the borders, on the walls or in containers. Herbs, too, will add welcome fragrance and year-round color to any garden.

landscape designer los angeles

Type of plants – Garden style

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