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We provide exceptional landscaping services to a wide range of commercial and residential properties for 10 years.
Our experienced landscapers set the standard each day in landscape design, paving, hardscaping. We will whip your yard into shape in no time.
Residential & commercial.



Hardscape materials include those used to build the no-changing structure of the landscape. They include natural and manufactured stone; wood; and others.


Softscape materials are the living components of a landscape. They include grass; flowers; trees; shrubs and other plants that make up the outdoor home.

Good Design Is The Key To A Successful Garden

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With so many years of experience in the business, our company is your
source for the highest quality and landscaping service.

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Landscape design is the art of arranging or modifying the features of a landscape for aesthetic or practical purposes.

A successful yard does not simply happen for a Landscape designer, or a Landscape architect, or a Landscape contractor.
Design is the starting point, with the analysis and creative ability not only to organize the garden to accept what you want within the boundaries, but also to absorb and embrace what lies beyond.

The problem so often is while we are comfortable planning rooms inside the home, more often than not we lose our way outside. The style of the garden in your home is up to you. It may be a contemporary extension of the most modern architecture or a soft, sensual and sinuous place winding between narrow boundaries.

For Garden Design and Landscapes, located in Los Angeles, a yard can be so much more than grass.
Well planned landscaping, created by our department Landscape design, unites indoor and outdoor spaces, resolves yard and garden problems, and provides creative opportunities to relax and have fun.


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With so many years of experience in the business, our company is your source for the highest quality and landscaping service.
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