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My Inspiration – My MOTHER

My mother was an artist....so creative, especially with painting. She took pride in everything she painted.
Every time I look to my mothers paintings, I can see her painting a canvas, behind an easel, with a brush in her hand.
It was nice to see my mother painting a canvas...so focused on her piece of art and so happy. You could see the happiness in her beautiful face.
She was the kind of artist that never stopped creating....everything she did was always original and unique.

My mother always commented how beautiful our planet is....the blue of the oceans, all plants/flowers, the variety of colors we have all around us and the charm of all animal species.
She had a great respect for nature, but also a great sadness that man does not respect mother nature.
Her influence led me to respect all forms of life - fauna and flora.
I love dealing with plants and all the creative work around the plants that my profession offers me.

Thank you, Mother, for everything you taught me.

Paula's Mother